TELEPHONE NUMBER – 07961 195 396

This number will operate whenever the main office is closed, primarily:

  • 6:00pm to 8:30am Monday to Friday
  • 30pm Saturday to 8:30am Monday
  • Bank holidays
  • During the Xmas / New Year office shutdown

When you call this number you will be answered by a representative who will take your name, address, contact telephone number and details of the problem.

They will assess whether it should be classified as an emergency repair and providing they are satisfied that this is the case, they will contact one of our contractors and make arrangements for someone to attend your property and deal with the matter. The priority, out of hours, will be to “make safe”, that is to take the necessary steps to stop a problem getting worse or to protect your health and safety. It may be necessary for a contractor to return during normal working hours to complete any repairs necessary.

Please note, that on weekday nights, the emergency service will only deal with such matters that absolutely cannot wait until the next morning, i.e.:

  • Totalloss of electrical power (you must check your fuses first).
  • Majorwater leak
  • Property insecureas a result of a break in or vandalism etc

During the weekend and bank holidays, the service will deal with any matters that are classified as emergency repairs requiring attendance within 24 hours.

Please remember that this service is only for genuine emergency maintenance matters that cannot wait until the office is next open.

If you call out a contractor for a matter that turns out not to be an emergency Uniplan may charge you the full cost of the call-out which may include premium contractor rates for attending out of hours.

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